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Create wonderful videos for items of your online store using Viosk's new Magento plugin. Our advanced video tool allows you to make an animated video using all the information you have about your products.

Improve the work of your online shop and increase sales and revenue!

Use your time to improve your selling instead of creating video. The videos are produced instantaneously without much manual work. Viosk can create your videos automatically and make it entirely customizable.

Unite prices, sales, product descriptions, photos and any other information you want! You can customize everything according to your needs. We can even create customized and branded templates with logo, colors and style of your company. 

Viosk is the best way to reflect your brand in a video!

Viosk videos will not just boost your SEO. They can also be shared in all your social networks communities increasing your engagement with users and bringing more likes and followers.

Sharing is caring. Caring is buying.

Create and display a video in 5-10 min!

Uploading your Viosk videos to Youtube will give you the opportunity to direct people right to the product on your website!

 Sharing is caring. Caring is buying.

Getting the quality product without overpaying is possible with us!

Increased Sales!

Better ROI!

Search engine-friendly.

Increase SEO with Viosk videos!.

Videos are attractive and effective.

They can increase conversion rates by up to 160%!

1. Download and install the FREE Viosk plugin.


2. Connect your Viosk account easily (or create a new one for only $30/month).

3. Customize! Choose your video template scenes, color scheme, and even add call-to-actions. Then, select to upload it to your product page and/or Youtube!

Viosk video ads give you quality, without breaking the bank! Imagine getting video ads for the price of a cup of coffee. We're making it possible.

4. Click PRODUCE on your product page in the back-end of Magento and enjoy your new video!

What are you waiting for?

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